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Over the decades, the issue of fast internet connectivity, cloud hosting etc, has been a problem for majority of businesses. However, with the introduction of M247 gigabit internet, internet slowdowns has been a thing of  the past. M247 is a UK based company that provides internet connection. It recognises the need to help businesses improve their connectivity speed and gain elevated levels of productivity. 

M247 gigabit internet offers speeds through fixed 1Gbps directly to your business through leased lines and wireless lines. Speed up to 10Gbps! We have the technology for whatever requirements you need to transform your business. Our products are based with the view of business growth in mind. 

M247 gigabit internet can be incorporated into:

  1. M connect
  2. M communicate
  3. M Host and cloud
  4. M secure

With M-connect, we ensure that your business gets connected irrespective of your business size, sector or location. Our exchange points guarantees your business gets connected with the right solutions be it WAN(Wide Area Networks), DIA(Dedicated internet Access), shared internet access, specialist connectivity options which covers; public cloud connect, government funded schemes, connected buildings. Whatever the case may be, we believe that your connectivity should be easy. 

We provide rare wired and wireless connectivity solutions just so you can connect in a way that suits your business. Our network coverage is global! With M-communicate, we offer long lasting solutions and network systems that gives your business the will to achieve it's potential. 

Our job is to help you connect with places, more customers and more people to put in your employ. Our service is concentrated in innovation and transformation. We don't outsource our support service to third parties.

M247 gigabit internet gives high speed internet for the professional market. It also provides a symmetry of undisputable gigabit speed up to 10Gbps. Using the best data and knowledge, we give you the best services and also products suited for you. 

How M247 gigabit internet can be profitable to your business 

  1. With M247 gigabit internet you can be sure to be ahead of your competitors this is because a faster broadband has a positive impact on your business. You can also work more efficiently and faster. With maximum internet speed, you can get maximum productivity.
  1. With M247 gigabit internet, HD videos conferencing can work smoothly without glitches, you need not travel for miles to attend a meeting, you can easily do video conferencing instead without any buffering. Easy-peasy!
  2. Seize the opportunity of added reliability and agility 
  3. With M247 gigabit internet,you can optimise the use of cloud.

A final note: Whether you run a small medium enterprises or a large scale market, you'll definitely need a stable fast internet connection with high speed. M247 gigabit internet provides unlimited service for your business. Using M247 gigabit internet, be sure to remain at the top of your game where your business is concerned.