Airtec has a long and proud history of installing heating and air conditioning systems in and around the Houston area. Beyond our excellent customer service, here are a few other reasons to choose Airtec: Full AC design – we don’t just fit air conditioning systems out of a box in the shortest time possible. Our trained technicians will come to your home or office and conduct a full survey of where the hot and cold spots exist. This gives us very clear guidelines about the places to install the AC units to maximize the existing airflow in your home or office which helps to reduce the overall cost to you the customer. Zoning systems – for people with large homes or offices with lots of unused desks, it can cost a small fortune to keep the entire place heated during the cold winter months. Fortunately, each Airtec project will look at installing a zoning panel as part of your control system. This will allow you to turn zones on and off from a central location as well as being able to automatically adjust the temperature in any given zone. Attention to detail – at Airtec we’re aware of the chaos and disturbance that having a full air conditioning or heating system can cause to your home or office. This is why we’ve built a reputation for leaving the space habitable at the end of each day and performing a full clean up, using our own products, at the end of the project. We also make great efforts to conceal the units as much as possible and each of our technicians has a great eye for finishing touches down to the last screw.
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