Style Showcase 222

Southern Hospitality 1/22 10:00P Rhoda
Hello friends! It sure has been cold in Georgia and I'm ready for a warm up! Enjoy these shares today as we have how we added box molding to our foyer, snowy Victorian homes, how to choose the best...

Three places in metro Atlanta to get a good night’s sleep

Atlanta Magazine 1/22 11:08A Michele Cohen Marill
Yurts at Sweetwater Creek State Park Courtesy of Georgia State Parks If the chaos of everyday life is keeping you up at night, maybe you need a true escape. You can find your dream retreat in nature...

Cozy Winter Decorating Ideas

Southern Hospitality 1/20 10:00P Rhoda
We're not quite ready for spring yet, are we? I'm not ready to get out all the spring things, but after the holidays the house looks so dismal and bleak without all the sparkle of Christmas...

Why Dry Shampoo Doesn’t Work For You?

Hey Simply 1/20 1:47A SimplySabrina
Most studies show that women should avoid washing their hair everyday as it strips the stands of their natural moisture. For this reason (among others) the invention of dry shampoo was a godsend to women everywhere. The problem? The trick to...

Brilliant Hacks To Do Every Day For Better Skin

Hey Simply 1/20 12:35A SimplySabrina
I love writing posts that I love to read, and one of the things that's been top of mind right now for me is skincare. The same way you take care of your responsibilities at work, school, or for your family friends - you need to have...

What Are The 5 Love Languages & Why Is Everyone Obsessed With It?

Hey Simply 1/19 11:43P SimplySabrina
For years I have heard about the book, The Five Love Languages. It was actually Mae who first told me about it. As a quick premise for the book, it basically establishes 5 ways that people love with the notion that if you understand yourself and...

Three Common Mistakes That Will Destroy Your Skin

Hey Simply 1/19 11:36P SimplySabrina
They say that with good skin you don’t even need to wear makeup, well — good skin and lash extensions. I, on the other hand, am more of a skeptic. I think that skincare is so important to your overall health beauty routine, but am I ready to throw...
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