Tayari Jones on her literary lineage and choosing Atlanta

Atlanta Magazine 9/26 7:17A Atlanta Magazine
Tayari Jones Photograph by Ben Rollins Tayari Jones —author, professor, and griot of the American South—has a lot on her plate. She teaches a creative writing class at Emory University, she has book...

A book lover’s guide to Atlanta

Atlanta Magazine 9/26 7:17A Betsy Riley
Independent bookstores 44th & 3rd 451 Lee Street Southwest, West End This family-owned source presents “the richness, diversity, and genius of Black expression.” A Capella Books 208 Haralson Avenue...

Here’s what makes the books at For Keeps special

Atlanta Magazine 9/26 7:15A Matt Walljasper
Rosa Duffy Photograph by Ben Rollins Rare and classic books keep finding Rosa Duffy. Some have fragile, first edition spines that creek like arthritic joints. Others have musings jotted in the margins...

Style Showcase 205

Southern Hospitality 9/25 11:00P Rhoda
Hi friends! It's a big day for me. Today is my cataract eye surgery for my right eye surgery and I'm a little nervous, but excited too. I mentioned that I was getting this surgery awhile back and it's...

Ten Reasons to Celebrate Ten Years of Foo Foo Festival

Atlanta Magazine 9/21 3:52A mollybrown
The beautiful beach town of Pensacola, Florida shows off every November when it plays host to the annual Foo Foo Festival. The Foo Foo Festival brings art and cultural events from near and far under...
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