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What Is a Food Allergy?

Food Allergies Atlanta 5/23 1:00A Dr. Thomas Chacko
With millions of people living with food allergies across the United States, it’s no surprise that so many people are seeking a greater understanding of this subject. From testing processes to treatments for food allergies , countless Atlanta...

What Are the 8 Most Common Food Allergies?

Food Allergies Atlanta 5/9 12:21A Dr. Thomas Chacko
Have you experienced allergy symptoms after eating a specific food? As a leading provider of food allergy treatments in Atlanta , Dr. Chacko regularly helps patients concerned about their health following an allergic reaction. Unfortunately, food...

Is Milk Desensitization With OIT a Useful Allergy Treatment?

Food Allergies Atlanta 4/25 2:02A Dr. Thomas Chacko
Does your child experience hives, stomach pains, a runny nose and wheezing after drinking milk or consuming dairy products? When the answer is yes, then they could benefit from a milk allergy treatment with a trusted Atlanta allergist. Dairy...

What Are the Symptoms & Treatment for Oral Allergy Syndrome?

Food Allergies Atlanta 4/18 2:11A Dr. Thomas Chacko
Cross-reactive allergies like oral allergy syndrome are not always easy to understand. With the guidance of an Atlanta allergist and an effective oral allergy syndrome treatment plan , patients can gain some clarity on the condition. However,...

How Do You Treat an Almond Allergy?

Food Allergies Atlanta 3/28 3:00A Dr. Thomas Chacko
An allergy to almonds is a common type of allergy in children, though it can develop at any age. With the benefit of a professional tree nut allergy treatment , individuals can reduce the chances of severe reactions. However, many people in...

Why Is Oral Allergy Syndrome Triggered in Spring?

Food Allergies Atlanta 3/14 3:00A Dr. Thomas Chacko
Spring is a challenging time of year for the many people in Atlanta with a pollen allergy. But there’s also something that can add to these issues – the cross-reactive allergic reaction triggered by eating fruits and vegetables – called oral...
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