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How Effective Is an Oral Challenge Food Allergy Test?

Food Allergies Atlanta 11/29 4:00A Dr. Thomas Chacko
Understanding your allergies using food allergy testing is a crucial stage in a comprehensive treatment plan. With a precise diagnosis, your Atlanta area allergy doctor can deliver a targeted solution based on specific allergens. The oral...

What Is the Best Milk Allergy Treatment?

Food Allergies Atlanta 11/17 4:00A Dr. Thomas Chacko
With so many children dealing with an allergy to cow’s milk, it’s no surprise that many Atlanta parents seek out dependable milk allergy treatments . Hives, swelling and breathing issues are common symptoms after exposure to milk, and the severity...

How to Identify the Main Types of Environmental Allergies

Brookhaven BubbleLife iReporter 10/27 2:40P Bubble Life
Environmental allergies are an immune system overreaction to substances we all encounter in our daily lives. Compared to food allergies, an environmental allergy can be difficult to identify as it...

7 Halloween Candy Tips to Help Your Kids Avoid Tooth Decay

Brookhaven BubbleLife iReporter 10/27 1:12P Bubble Life
Kids across the country are looking forward to the annual Halloween celebration, marked by scary costumes, pumpkin carving, trick-or-treating and of course… candy. But while collecting a big bag of...

If Allergic to Eggs Can I Eat Chicken?

Food Allergies Atlanta 10/25 4:00A Food Allergies Atlanta
Eggs are a common cause of allergic reactions in infants and children, requiring egg allergy treatment and testing to minimize health risks. With a growing awareness of cross-reactivity between egg yolk and bird allergens, many parents question...

Are Food Allergy Blood Tests Accurate?

Food Allergies Atlanta 10/11 9:00A Food Allergies Atlanta
Professional allergy testing is a crucial part of diagnosing a food allergy. And with blood allergy testing , skin testing and oral food challenges, Atlanta patients can get the testing they require for a proper diagnosis. Taking blood from a...

Does a Peanut Allergy Mean I Am Allergic to All Nuts?

Food Allergies Atlanta 9/27 9:00A Food Allergies Atlanta
Peanut allergies are among the most common food allergies affecting adults and children in the United States. And with a portion of this group facing the threat of severe reactions, finding an effective peanut allergy treatment is of critical...

What Are Peanut Allergy Symptoms?

Food Allergies Atlanta 9/13 9:00A Food Allergies Atlanta
Food allergy awareness has grown significantly in recent times. Parents today are now more likely to seek out peanut allergy treatment and diagnosis when their child displays worrying symptoms. However, there are still many people with peanut...
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