Where To Take Photos At The Eiffel Tower

An Indigo Day 10/14 10:00P Jessica
You can’t go to Paris without snapping photos of the Eiffel Tower, period. There are several places to do this depending on the view and angle you want. This trip for a little photoshoot we went to the Trocadero which is a big open space across...

The Veronica Beard Clogs I Had To Have

An Indigo Day 10/13 10:00P Jessica
Sometimes when I get something in my head that I want, I have to have it. There are times when there are too many options and I can t decide. I then get decision paralysis. But this time, I had no...

Am I Wearing The… Chanel Boots? Yeah, I Am

Coco Bassey 10/11 10:57P Coco
If you ve been scrolling Instagram lately, there s no way you would ve missed the latest Fall accessory on every fashion girl s feet. Yes, we re talking about THE it-boots of the season, made by Chanel! You may have seen them come down the runway...

My Favorite Brands To Shop At Shopbop

An Indigo Day 10/11 10:00P Jessica
Shopbop has been an online retailer that I ve shopped for years. I remember in high school browsing and dreaming of being able to afford the brands. Over the years though, they ve expanded their...

Psst! Here’s THE Sale Every Fashion Girl Is Checking Out This Week

Coco Bassey 10/10 10:00P Coco
If you re working through your Fall wardrobe refresh, and don t know where to start, today s post is the one for you! The annual Shopstyle Style Event is here, and there are LOTS of incredible fashion pieces that you can get at a great discount...

My Love For The Pistola Grover Jumpsuit

An Indigo Day 10/10 10:00P Jessica
Over the summer I bought my first ever pieces of Pistola. A star print utility jacket that was such a nice update from the usual one I ve had for years. And a lilac utility romper. Both quickly became...

How To Style A Blazer

An Indigo Day 10/7 10:00P Jessica
My blazer collection currently is the biggest it s been since my 9-5 corporate days. You d think that since I don t have to go into an office that I wouldn t be buying more blazers than I care to...

A Sezane Sweatshirt For Fall

An Indigo Day 10/6 10:00P Jessica
It s been a while since I browsed the Sezane site. I always love their stuff and admire their Instagram and all the perfectly Parisienne styling they do. However, whenever I browse the site I get...

My Jimmy Choo Fall/Winter Wishlist

Coco Bassey 10/5 11:00P Coco
sponsored by Saks Fifth Avenue ShopStyle Collective. Fall and Winter are my favorite time of year when it comes to shoe shopping, because boots and glitzy holiday shoes are always THE MOST fun to shop for! I don t know if you guys have already...

How To Condition A Leather Jacket

An Indigo Day 10/5 10:00P Jessica
One of the closet staples that I wear year after year, is my beloved leather jacket. A few years ago I invested in a more high-quality designer leather jacket and am so thankful I did. For how much use I get out of it, it was worth every penny....

How To Wear A Long Cardigan

An Indigo Day 10/3 10:00P Jessica
A must-have layer for fall is always a great cardigan. I personally prefer a long cardigan as I find them more flattering. They give you a long line and can easily be cinched at the waist with a great...

How To Wear Mom Jeans For Fall

An Indigo Day 9/30 10:00P Jessica
The Gen Zers love them, the Millennials are slowly warming up to them, but mom jeans are here to stay it seems. While mom jeans is a slang term we used to use for our moms lame loose jeans with baggy...

An Off-Duty Look for Paris Fashion Week

Coco Bassey 9/29 11:00P Coco
sponsored by Saks Fifth Avenue and Shopstyle Collective. I can t believe I m finally saying this after so long but HELLO FROM PARIS! ???? If you re following me on Instagram, you already know that I ve been in Europe for the past several days for...

The Life Cycle Of Blog Photos

An Indigo Day 9/28 10:00P Jessica
Every few photoshoots with my photographer Hannah , there s always a standout outfit that I just love. It s the outfit, the photos, the whole vibe, it just works. And don t get me wrong, I love all...

Spanx vs Commando Faux Leather Leggings

An Indigo Day 9/24 10:00P Jessica
A closet staple for fall and winter is hands down a great pair of faux leather leggings. One of the great things about them is their comfort and versatility for outfits. Although they re called...
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